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A-Z Women’s Center feels that our patient comments offer the best feedback about our center, staff and doctors


I just wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart! I was visiting in Las Vegas for a trade show and had no idea where to go for my very urgent, private problem. I did a search on the internet and found your office. I called and was given a lot of helpful information over the phone. I asked if there was any way to be seen same day and your kind receptionist said ABSOLUTELY. From the first call to the wave as I walked out, I felt like I was treated above and beyond the normal doctor’s office. My problem required a prescription and I needed immediate antibiotics. I felt better within a day and was able to continue my rigorous trade show schedule. I couldn’t have done it without you guys! What a save!

This quick note and vase of beautiful flowers is to let all of you know I appreciate YOU! You made a very traumatic time in my life bearable. I really felt like you understood what I was going thru. I appreciated the NO JUDGEMENT atmosphere.

Dr. Ramos and his staff are the very best. I have been to your office before and despite being embarrassed to be in the same predicament again, I trusted only you to take care of me. Thanks for being there.

I needed to find a new doctor to renew my birth control last month. My doctor suddenly closed her office and didn’t even give us any notice.  I was left with the urgency to find and new doctor, have my exam done and get a new prescription. Your office made it easy with one, immediate, short appointment. The cost was very reasonable but what helped me the most was that you were available on a SATURDAY! That was purely GOD SENT. Your office ROCKS!!

My husband and I decided that having an abortion was in our best interest after finding out the results of our amniocentesis. We came to your office scared and feeling so angry about our circumstances. Your doctor was so kind and took great care in explaining everything to us about the procedure. It was very nice that the procedure was done in one day verses three days like other offices in town. Dr. Ramos came very highly recommended from our fertility specialist and now we know why. This note is to simply say thank you for taking the time to help us. You were very thorough and we felt well informed from the very beginning.

Thank you Dr. Kernes for taking such great care of my daughter, Melissa. It was her first gynecology exam and she was very nervous! You spoke to her in words she understood. You taught her how to do self breast exams and why it’s important to stay healthy and physically active as a teen so she can grow up to be a healthy adult.

I am really thankful for your office taking the time to explain both methods of getting an abortion to me. I was pretty convinced that I wanted to do the medical option because other clinics talked so highly about it. What I later discovered was that they only provided the medical option. Once I saw the differences on paper, it made sense to me that the surgical was the option that would work best for me. I am a single mom of 3 little ones and I would not have any help with my kids if I did the abortion pill. The surgical option gave me the option of having a baby sitter take care of my kids for 2 hours while I came to your office. I liked having the ability to choose a local anesthetic so that I could drive myself there and home. That ended up working out perfect for me and my circumstances. Not everyone “wants to” or “can” choose the IV medication.

Dear Dr. Ramos:

Your office is such a pleasant office to come to for my birth control shot every 3 months. I have never been to another office that is always so clean and neat. I can literally smell the “clean” in your office. Your friendly staff has taken care of me since I started coming in 2005. What’s nice is that many of your staff members have been there the whole 10 years that I having been going there. That’s unheard of in Las Vegas. It must say something about the management of your office! You should really be proud. Keep up the good work and I love that there is “no appointment needed”.

All of my life I have seen women physicians for my gynecology needs. When we lost our heath insurance in 2012, we were forced to change doctors and we discovered your office. I have to admit that I was not happy to hear that you only had male physicians available. But, you were the only ones who had immediate appointments and were available on Saturday. I took my chances and came to your office. I was so surprised that I ended up being more comfortable with Dr. Ramos than I ever was with my old female practitioners! He made a joke that I will never forget when I told him that I wished he was a woman. He said that he likes to do anything he can to make his patients feel at ease, but that the one thing he refused to do was change his gender. It cracked me up and it immediately set the tone for the rest of the visit. I learned a lesson that day and I will happily admit that I was utterly wrong in my thought process prior to my office visit at A-Z Women’s Center. I could have probably bypassed several, wonderfully qualified male physicians in my lifetime because all I worried about was gender. I learned that male doctors can be caring, compassionate and very understanding. I always believed that if they didn’t have a uterus, they couldn’t effectively take care of one. Boy, was I wrong!