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A-Z Women’s Center’s fees are all-inclusive and are based on the length of pregnancy and the abortion procedure you have.

Included in Fees

  • Ultrasound to determine gestation (measure the length of pregnancy)
  • Choice of local anesthesia, Nitrous Oxide Gas, and IV medication for anxiety and pain control


Since most of the health insurance plans in Nevada do not pay for abortion care, full payment is due on the day of the appointment.

Cash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express and/or debit cards are accepted for payment. If a credit card or debit card is used, the cardholder must be present with photo ID.
 We do not accept insurance, checks, or money orders.

All fees are subject to change without written notice. Please call to verify fees.A-Z Women's Center coupon, discount offer for abortion services in Las Vegas

Surgical Abortion Fees – Fee’s Effective January 1, 2020

Ultrasound $100.00 (fee is subtracted from abortion fees if done on a different day)
5-11 weeks $600.00
12 weeks $650.00
13 weeks $750.00
14 weeks $850.00
15 weeks $950.00
16 weeks $1050.00
17 weeks $1200.00
18 weeks $1500.00
19 weeks $1700.00
20 weeks $1900.00
21 weeks $2200.00
Medical Abortion (Mifeprex/Abortion Pill) $600.00

GYN Services

Fee +PAP Total
Annual Exam (no problems, refill birth control pills) $120  $75 $170
  • PAP,  pelvic and breast exam
Annual Exam (with problems) $210 $75 $260
  • With vaginal infection
  • Change method, prolonged discussion
  • Menopause, Abnormal periods
  • May include ultrasound
  • PAP, pelvic and breast exam
Vaginal Infection, itch, odor, UTI $90
Gyn Problem (bleeding, pain, abnormal periods) $150
  • May include ultrasound
Vulvar Pain (Herpes) $150

Birth Control Services

Birth Control Consult, change method (prolonged discussion, no exam) $120
Birth Control Shot (MPA) $70
Annual + Birth Control Shot (MPA) $240

Miscellaneous Fees

Beta Quantative (HCG) $25
Urine Test $10
Blood Test $25
Record Review and Oral Contraceptive Script $40