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The frequently asked questions below may help answer some your own questions that you may have.

Will It Hurt?
Will I be able to have children in the future?
How long will I be in the office?

Can I drive myself?

When can I return to work/school?

How much bleeding will I have?

Up to how many weeks do you terminate pregnancy?
How much does it cost to have an abortion?

Do you assist women who need an abortion and have no financial support?
Do I have to make an appointment for an abortion?

Do you ever have same-day appointments available?
Can I come in advance for an ultrasound only to find out how far along I am?

Do you offer Emergency Contraception or the morning after pill?

How long after taking the Morning After Pill will it protect me against pregnancy?

Does your center offer pregnancy testing?

I want my appointment to be anonymous, is that okay?

Do I have to use my real name?
Can I take a taxi, uber/lyft, or the city bus home by myself?
When will I be able to resume sexual activity after my termination?

When will I get my next regular period?

If I am having bleeding after my procedure, will this be my period?
Can I use tampons after my abortion?

Why do you tell me to eat before my surgery and other clinics I called tell me NOT to eat?
Will a “real” doctor be performing my surgery?
Do I need to tell my parents about my abortion or get their permission?

Do I have to get my partner’s permission to have an abortion?

Can I see what was removed from me during the termination?
What happens with the fetus that was removed from me during my abortion?
What happens if I have a problem after my abortion?

Do I have to pay extra if I am RH negative blood type for my shot?
Will I get started on birth control so that I can prevent future unplanned pregnancies?