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Important information for you to follow after your abortion.

  • For one week after your abortion, avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity. After this time you may return to your regular schedule.
  • Do Not Hesitate to Call Us (we have a physician on call at all times)
    • Should you develop any problems aside from light bleeding and minimal cramping. We are the best people to handle post-abortion problems in the safest and least costly manner. If you go to an emergency room for treatment, the hospital staff may not be sympathetic to your circumstances. Therefore, when possible, we ask that you call us before requesting care from another provider.
  • Follow After-Care Instructions carefully to insure that you have the best outcome. We continue to provide ongoing care for you after your surgery.
  • You may eat a light meal after leaving the clinic.
  • Avoid the following for the next two weeks:
    • Tampons – Unless you can change it frequently
    • Intercourse
    • Douching
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with us anytime between 3.0 weeks, no more than 6.6 weeks after your abortion.
    • This visit is free of charge. We will do a Pap Smear at this time of your follow-up for the reduced rate of $50. If you wait past 6.6 weeks to request a Pap Smear you will be charged the normal fee of $150.

For URGENT problems – Call 24 Hours a Day (702) 892-0660

For minor or non-emergency questions, call the office during our regular hours: MON – SAT | 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Bleeding may last only a few hours or it may persist, for several weeks. If your bleeding soaks more than 2 pads in one hour, call us. It is normal for some women to experience some cramping and clotting, but if it is excessive, call us.

It is important for you to wait at least 3 weeks to do a pregnancy test after your abortion. It is normal for a pregnancy test to remain positive to 2-3 weeks after the abortion.

If you have not had a period by 8 weeks after the procedure, you need an examination to further evaluate this circumstance.