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Our staff at A-Z Women’s Center is caring and compassionate. We respect and trust your choice.


Our staff will discuss your decision with you, explain the procedure, and answer all of your questions. The staff can explain the 3 anesthesia options, provide birth control information, and offer emotional support. A staff member will be in the procedure room with you to address both your physical and emotional needs.

The combined expertise of our staff and physicians allow us the ability to give each woman the special care she deserves.

A-Z Women’s Center’s staff is dedicated to a woman’s right to choose. We recognize the difficult decisions women face every day. We will provide you with the emotional support and the educational information you need in order for you to make the best decision possible.

We believe that you have the ability and the right to make your own choice about the very personal and important decision of pregnancy, and we respect and trust your choice.

A-Z Women’s Center is uniquely qualified to manage genetics and fetal abnormality cases.

Often, these women have a desired and planned pregnancy. However, thru various laboratory and ultrasound testing, a severe abnormality in the fetus is discovered or the woman is found to have a medical condition that makes the pregnancy unusually hazardous.

Note: Our fees for genetic abnormality and maternal medical indications are determined on a case-by-case basis.