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The world is not fair. Sometimes life gives us only two choices, and they are both difficult choices.

To terminate an unwanted pregnancy is a difficult decision. We take the time to care and support your choice.

Such as the decision whether to continue or to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. In that situation, all anyone can do is to pick the better choice for them at the time. If it’s your best choice, then it’s the right choice, but it’s still a difficult choice.

At A-Z Women’s Center we understand that, and try to be supportive. We take the time to care.

When a woman’s best choice is to have an abortion, she needs a physician and an office staff that are understanding and supportive. 

Once a patient makes that decision, she will want to have treatment that is caring and compassionate. “This quick note and vase of beautiful flowers is to let all of you know I appreciate YOU! You made a very traumatic time in my life bearable. I really felt like you understood what I was going thru. I appreciated the NO JUDGEMENT atmosphere.” — Sarah